Where Quality Counts

One of our main aims at RVL (Northern) is to reduce the cost of panel van insulation to our customers.  A big step towards this has been our development of an insulated panel kit which meets the market's requirements for efficient temperature control without losing out on quality.

Our innovative concept features two element panels, of plywood and foam, which fit snugly around the interior of the load space to create a lightweight conversion which can increase payload capabilities.  This is then fibreglass laminated, by hand, to form a seamfree surface.  By creating a box within a box design we have produced an extremely temperature efficient insulator which can handle chilled or deep freeze operations.

This lining is easy to clean and extremely durable and therefore can still look good many years on.

So that these conversions can withstand the constant loading and unloading process involved in daily distribution operations, we have developed a very strong laminated floor, finished in blue gel, available in smooth or slip resistant, with special insulated wheelboxes which are able to reduce the ingress of heat.  The whole interior looks attractive yet purposeful.

Insulated Modular Doors

The RVL (Northern) modular doors have allowed us to once again contain costs without sacrificing temperature efficiency.  This technique retains the original factory fitted doors by adding a superior quality insulated fibreglass panel.  An additional seal to the outside edge increases its insulation capabilities.

Modified Side Door

The modified or upgraded side door is used for frozen operation and it allows the factory fitted side door to be retained.  An additional neoprene sealing gasket is added to the door aperture to reduce the loss of temperature.

Plug Doors

RVL (Northern) plug doors are used for deep freeze operation.  The factory fitted side or rear doors are removed and replaced with fully insulated plug doors with inner and outer seals, lockable push handle and an internal emergency release.  They come in single form or double with a leaf which gives the opportunity of pallet loading.

Standard Insulated & Panelled Doors

For chiller operations, the factory fitted doors are insulated with rockwool then panelled in white fibreglass sheet. They are fully sealed and the bottom panel is removable for access to door locking mechanisms.

Aluminium Protection

Aluminium protection can be incorporated into the lining to protect it during the loading/unloading process and whilst in transit.  Angle and/or 5 bar can be added to the wheelboxes, strips or full 5 bar to the floor and kickstrip to walls and doors.

Pallet Width

Insulation in the wheelboxes can be reduced so that a pallet width can be obtained between them to suit your pallet dimensions.


Bespoke designs can be vitally important for many van operators and this is an area were we believe RVL (Northern) is able to score high marks.  For example, alongside our fixed and folding and removable shelves, we can also purpose build special racking for trays.

Refrigeration Expertise

Our extensive knowledge and working relationship with all major refrigeration manufacturers enable us to offer a wide range of units to suit our customer's requirements.  Fridge units can be roof mounted or on high roof models, set into fibreglass condenser moulds.  We can offer the options of overnight standby, dual temperature (including heat/cool systems), temperature recorders and under bonnet condensers.

Dual Temperature

Whether it be frozen, chilled, ambient or heat; if your operations involve more than one temperature then we can cater for this in a number of ways.  We can build in fixed or removable bulkheads, twin evaporator fridges or fan kits, internal fridge foors and heater systems.

Non Insulated Linings / Fibreglass Linings

At RVL (Northern) we can also offer a range of non insulated fibreglass linings, ply linings, dog vans and clinical waste vehicles.  They can be tailor made to your specification including split compartments, shelves, internal windows, cages and the additional equipment mentioned below.

Additional Equipment

On top of our standard linings we can also build in many optional extras.  They include Lights, Drains, Load Restraint, Curtains, Upstands, Meat Rails, Vents, Rear Steps, Lashing Rings, Amber Lights, and Sinks.  Examples can be found in our Photo Gallery page.